Meet Speaker Bruce Henderson

Aug 6, 2021 | News

Bruce Henderson, Ph.D., recently retired as a psychology professor at Western Carolina University, where he researched the child psychology of riding school buses, a topic that derived from his interest in understanding the effects of transportation on students.

Henderson said he originally encountered difficulty in finding data on school busing early on his career, so he set out to cultivate his own. That interest influenced his change of major from chemistry to psychology as an undergrad at Bucknell University. He later obtained his doctorate degree from the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis. After 42 years of teaching, he now focuses on the field of child welfare, especially in this age of COVID-19.

At STN EXPO Indianapolis, Henderson aims to meet with industry professionals and discuss how the school bus environment influences other aspects of children’s lives, particularly at school and at home. He said he believes it is important to share some recommendations with drivers, parents and adults who are involved in student’s lives. Some of them being aspects of child development and how this is relevant and related to what happens in their buses.

Meet Dr. Bruce Henderson on Friday, Oct. 1 during his session “The Child Psychology of Riding the School Bus.”