June 2-3, 2023

It’s prestigious. It’s empowering.

The Transportation Director Summit at STN EXPO Indianapolis is a signature event designed exclusively for qualified transportation directors. Participants will network with peers throughout two days prior to the start of the regular STN EXPO conference. Successful applicants will gain high-level insights from experts within the student transportation industry and beyond, on how to implement true leadership and innovation practices into their local operation.

Join 100 Transportation Directors

Join 100 Pupil Transportation Directors as they discuss the importance of leadership and culture to organizational success and growth, a topic that has never been so timely. Staff shortages among drivers and maintenance technicians continue to adversely affect school district transportation departments and school bus contractors alike.

The solution to engaging and retaining the right employees—and ridding your organizations of toxic employees—is not simply about offering potlucks and ping-pong tables.

If you are a registered STN EXPO full conference attendee, there’s no additional cost to you, your municipality or your organization to participate in this exclusive event! Apply now for one of the limited 100 spots. Meals, snacks and participation expenses are covered by STN.

Have a question about the Transportation Director Summit? Contact Ryan Gray at ryan@stnonline.com or Tony Corpin at tony@stnonline.com.

Summit Speaker

Sylvie di Giusto


Discover Your Fair Advantage

Saturday June 3, 2023

Let’s get personal, shall we? How do you set yourself apart from your peers and competitors? How do you distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack? What exactly makes you unique and stand out? Or, why should people trust you, follow you, buy from or buy into you?

Profound questions that professionals in the workplace should be able to answer instantly. However, we rarely take the time to identify what makes us one of a kind and how we can leverage this fair advantage for our career and the organizations we work for. Nonetheless, a greater sense of self-awareness and self-confidence would allow you to present, act, and communicate authentically and confidently in any situation, whether face-to-face or online.

During this interactive presentation, you will uncover the unique qualities and traits that you individually bring to your workplace and that enable you to excel as a professional. With thought-provoking insights and profound questions, Sylvie will help you discover the intersections of sixteen different factors that cannot be replicated by anyone else and therefore make each of you a “category of one.”


The Transportation Director Summit at STN EXPO is a signature event that is designed exclusively for qualified transportation directors. Join the industry’s leading pupil transportation directors and private fleet executives for an immersive two days of higher learning on June 2-3, 2023. The Transportation Director Summit will be offered  to transportation directors and private fleet executives who have ultimate decision-making power. Successful applicants will gain access to engaging, high-level meetings with peers and representatives of leading industry suppliers to brainstorm opportunities amid the current challenging student transportation environment. The goal is to implement true leadership and innovation practices into local operations.

This free event is opened to all qualified transportation directors and supervisors, assistant transportation directors and supervisors, superintendents, financial directors, purchasing agents, fleet managers, and private contractor executives.

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Have a question about the Transportation Director Summit? Contact Tony Corpin at tony@stnmedia.com or Alice Sabedra at alice@stnmedia.com.


What is the TD Summit?

What it’s not is just another “speed dating” event that matches transporters with vendors. Instead, think of a graduate program retreat. It commences with an energized evening kick-starter session and is followed by a full day of high-level strategy, networking and idea crowdsourcing. These blend the topics of leadership development, organizational culture, disruptive technologies, resource allocation, and more to help pave the road forward for the industry’s decision makers. A “summit” by definition is a peak to be crested. It’s a convergence of great minds to wrestle with the day’s most important issues.

How does the TD Summit fit into the STN EXPO?

The TD Summit is an exclusive event held prior to the official start of the STN EXPO, with an attendance cap of no more than 100 for the full event. This event links thought leaders and participants via presentations, panel discussions and group activities. The event culminates with a reexamination of personal and professional goals.

How do I sign up for the TD Summit?

Register as a main conference attendee, and then click on the box next to “TD Summit Application” in the Optional Session Registration page to identify your interest in participating. You will then answer a few qualifying questions. An individual’s eligibility also requires verifiable proof that s/he is a school administrator-level professional whose main responsibilities include that of directing transportation operations. Titles can range from director of transportation, to transportation manager, to assistant superintendent. If you have already registered for the STN EXPO and want to add the TD Summit to your registration, please email amy@stnmedia.com.

Are there any additional costs to participate in the TD Summit?

No, just your time and desire to be an industry leader. As mentioned above, any registered, full main conference STN EXPO attendee who can demonstrate their day job is that of an official transportation director with their district, or company, and is among the first 100 to sign up, can attend.

There has to be a catch: What do participants have to do to “earn their keep?”

All we ask of participants is that they arrive with an open, solutions-oriented mind. We want everyone to feel free to share ideas that, together, can identify new trails to blaze and elevate the student transportation industry to the next level. This requires a decorum of professionalism and collaboration.

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