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Sylvie di Giusto

Sunday, June 4

You Have 7 Seconds. Make Them Count!

People we meet make quick decisions about us. Should they hire us? Trust us? Buy something from us? It takes a blink of an eye, and like it or not, you are going to be judged. Wouldn’t you want to limit the risk of wrong assumptions about you?

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In business, first impressions are essential to building relationships with peers, bosses, stakeholders, or customers. They will set the tone for the entire experience, and the relationship with your brand will depend on them. The good thing is that this impression is something you can control. As soon as you recognize what your first impression actually says about you in the workplace, in business, or in life, it becomes easier to manage it in your favor while remaining true to yourself.

During this interactive, fun, and informative presentation, you will uncover what your first impression says about you and how it influences the decision-making process of others. You will experience up close and personal how people’s unconscious biases affect their judgments and either lead to wrong assumptions about you, or can create opportunities for you.


“You’ve 7 seconds. Make them count!” says Keynote Speaker Sylvie di Giusto, CSP, who helps individuals and organizations explore how people make up their minds very quickly about them or their company, and either open the door for them or slam it shut. Sylvie takes audiences around the world on an interactive and entertaining journey of self-discovery that reveals how the world sees them, their brands and organizations and ultimately, how they see themselves. With her unique and thought-provoking presentations, she helps audience members to lead better, sell faster, and persuade instantly. She empowers them to master their first impressions and lasting impressions in any professional or business environment and during customer or employee interactions. Sylvie is the author of “The Image of Leadership” and “Fair Advantage” as well as the mind and producer behind dozens of corporate or individual online courses, including her own innovative “How You Impress” mobile learning lab.

Patrick Mulick

Monday, June 5

Foundations in De-escalation

Given the increased behavioral challenges seen in students since the start of the pandemic, we are more acutely aware of the need for proper supports across all educational settings.  When it comes to student escalations, it is no longer enough to train staff to just respond – there must also be systems in place for prevention.  Behavior specialist Patrick Mulick will dive into where we too often go wrong with prevention of escalated behaviors and de-escalation responses, and share effective strategies on how we can get it right. 

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Patrick is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team. Originally from the humble town of Boring, Oregon, Patrick earned his undergrad and masters in special education and behavior analysis from Gonzaga University. While spending several years educating students with disabilities, from pre-school to high school, Patrick developed an affinity for working with students with autism and behavioral challenges.Today he works as an educational consultant and as the Assistant Director of Autism and Student Independence for the Auburn School District in Washington State. As a nationally recognized speaker, Patrick has committed his work to “lighting it up” for all those who work with students with disabilities through a hybrid of instruction and inspiration. His resources and strategies have helped make the complex simple, equipping teachers, administrators, therapists, para-educators, and bus drivers, alike.

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