Upcoming STN EXPO Indy Keynote Speaker Makes Every Second Count

Mar 15, 2023 | News

Keynote speaker and author Sylvie di Giusto is bringing her interactive experience of discovering the secrets to making a strong impression to STN EXPO Indianapolis.

Giusto will first train attendees at the STN EXPO Indy Transportation Director’s Summit on June 3. TD Summit is an exclusive leadership training and networking event, where attendees will be able to identify their unique characteristics that make them stand out in a crowded market.

Giusto answers the question “How do you limit people’s wrong assumptions about you?” through a detailed self-analysis of communication, both verbal and nonverbal behavior, business etiquette, digital footprint, and other factors.

During both the TD Summit and her Sunday, June 4 keynote presentation to the full conference, Giusto will address tools transportation professionals can use for success when presenting opportunities like new technology or fleet electrification to their district leaders and board members. Di Giusto will lead attendees through an interactive process to find a variety of selling points that they can utilize in all aspects of their operations.
Giusto left a corporate career in Europe and embarked on a mission to educate professionals on the importance of emotional intelligence to succeed as an individual and as a leader.

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The keynote session “You Have 7 Seconds. Make Them Count!” will be held on Monday, June 4 during the STN EXPO Indy Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Attendees may apply for the when registering. The entire conference runs from June 2-6.