Indiana Clean Cities Coalition Looks to Help Fund Green School Buses

May 12, 2023 | News

Drive Clean Indiana, the state’s only U.S. Department of Energy designated Clean Cities Coalition, seeks eligible applicants to apply for projects that will provide access to clean transportation options, which includes school buses.

The agency stated that school districts are eligible to apply for this grant opportunity and potentially receive funds for electric charging stations infrastructure or other alternative fuel options such as hydrogen, natural gas and propane.

If used for student transportation, these funds could help lower carbon emissions caused by diesel-powered buses while improving air quality and reducing student exposure to harmful pollutants. The financial savings could also positively impact districts as clean energy vehicles can have lower fuel and maintenance costs over their lifetime when compared to diesel school buses.

Drive Clean Indiana will apply with a sponsor for between $500,000 and $15 million. The organization stated that applicants for this partnership opportunity should provide a proposed budget of between $100,000 and $15 million and describe how they will contribute to the required 20 percent funding match.


“Overall, Drive Clean Indiana’s Statewide Infrastructure Grant Opportunity has the potential to positively impact student transportation by promoting a more sustainable and healthier future for students in Indiana,” said Clean Drive Indiana spokeswoman Megan Martin. “By facilitating the adoption of cleaner and more sustainable transportation options, schools and school districts can help to reduce emissions and improve air quality, while potentially saving money on fuel and maintenance costs over the long term.”

Meanwhile, Ryan Lisek, the program director of Drive Clean Indiana, will be facilitating a panel at STN EXPO Indianapolis on June 5, “Electric School Buses: User Experiences,” to discuss the experiences of adopting electric school bus infrastructure with transportation directors who have implemented the technology at their districts.

The deadline for application submissions to Drive Clean Transportation for the CFI grant is May 15, to make the May 30 federal application deadline. Applications should be sent to